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Top 10 Things in Tennis that Need to Change

Pro and recreational tennis have come a long way since the birth of the sport. But that's no reason not to seek continuous improvement. Here are 10 things that need to change in 2013 to improve the sport.

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Photos of Ana Ivanovic vs. Caroline Wozniaki at the 2012 BNP Paribas Open

Thanks to an elderly couple who no longer needed their tickets I was able to score a front row seat at the 2012 BNP Paribas Open match between Ana Ivanovic and Caroline Wozniaki. Here's a few photos I took.

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How Can You Get Your Kid Fond of Tennis

Tennis is a beautiful sport, which has the power to entice people. However, for an unknown reason, most children are reticent when it comes down to this sport. In case that you want to convince your kid that tennis is the right sport for him or her, you should stop thinking about what to do and take action.

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What People Think About Playing Tennis

Here's one of those "What so-and-so thinks I do, what my friends think I do, what I actually do, etc" but for tennis players. When I talk to people about USTA tennis leagues I think this is pretty spot on.

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This article has moved.

This article has moved to Read here: 10 Reasons Why Running Sucks Even More Than You Already Think It Does » Note: Original comment thread preserved below.

Destination Tennis: Seattle (Hosted by Mayleen Ramey)

Seven reasons why Mayleen Ramey needs to feature Seattle on Destination Tennis. (As if there weren't enough already!)

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Cara Black Volley Practice for Doubles Tennis

For those of you that play USTA league tennis, chances are you play doubles. One of the best ways to improve your doubles game, or rather one of the skills you NEED, is to be able to volley. Here's a video demonstrating how to practice against a wall. In this video she hits wall 115 volleys in 43 seconds. It is insane.

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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Bar Refaeli Playing Tennis in her Underwear

The title really says it all. This is actually a commercial for an underwear brand so they decided to feature supermodel Bar Refaeli playing tennis. She looks to be about a 3.5 player?

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