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Interview with Roger Federer

Roger Federer, born in Basel, Switzerland, is the world's current number two tennis player on the ATP tour currently competing as an underdog at the French Open. We sat down to discuss on-court and off-court activities, his rivalry with Nadal, music, travel, parenthood and more.

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Improving the USTA Player Rating System

Everyone who plays league tennis follows the USTA league player rating system closely. It seems like everyone has an opinion of who should be rated what and how. I'm no different. Though I fall into the camp of believing that it works. I've played league tennis at the local, sectional, and national level and feel that the player ratings are mostly accurate.

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Andy Roddick Playing with a Frying Pan

Todd Gallager of ESPN posed the question "how much better are professional athletes than weekend warriors?" What he found was that well, Andy Roddick could beat you using a frying pan. And there's video proof.

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The Roger Federer Backhand

Roger Federer has arguably the best one-handed backhand in tennis. In a sea of two-handers, he still stands out. Mastering the one-handed backhand is no easy task. Watch here how early he sets up, how he grips the racquet, and where the point-of-contact is.

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Sports Drink Round-up

Sometimes it's nice to have a sports beverage that's not water. However, I still can't find the perfect choice. I've tried these four: Gatorade, Vitamin Water, Powerade and Propel. Each has drawbacks.

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Line Calls

Other than foot-faulting, the number one rule problem in amateur/recreational tennis is line-calling. Of course there will always be bad line calls on purpose and otherwise, but there's an even more fundamental problem among tennis players (mostly at the 3.0-3.5 level). They just don't get that if the ball touches the line, it's good.

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Movie Review: Wimbledon

Love means nothing in tennis. Your tolerance to this line is a good litmus test to your tolerance for the whole film. If you can get past that line or find some enjoyment from it, then you might like the movie. If not avoid, avoid, avoid!

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Tennis First Aid – Eye injury

The folks at Boing Boing shared some medical advice originally posted on Slate. Q: What should I do if my eyeball pops out of its socket?

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