Sugarpova latest company to suspend ties to Maria Sharapova


It started with Nike suspending its relationship with Maria Sharapova followed by two other endorsements, Porsche and TAG Heuer. Now company spokesperson Maria Sharapova announced at a press conference she was suspending her relationship to Sugarpova.

“I can no longer in good conscious keep myself as spokesperson for this brand. I’m asking myself to step down immediately.”

She said her company will suspend ties to herself until more details regarding her use of the banned substance Meldonium.

Sharapova also has been a longtime brand ambassador for Sugarpova — but her page on the company’s website was no longer available on Tuesday morning.

Sharapova said in a statement representing Sugarpova:

“In view of the current situation, I’ve asked that the candy company brand suspend negotiations with myself.”

Sugarpova also said it was “saddened by the recent news” and has “chosen to postpone planned activities” pending further details and analysis.

Sharapova herself has commented, “I made a huge mistake. I let my fans down and I let the sport down,” the five-time Grand Slam winner told a press conference in Los Angeles. “I take full responsibility for it.”

Meldonium is used to treat chest pain and heart attacks among other conditions, but some researchers have linked it to increased athletic performance and endurance, according to Reuters.

About Sugarpova
Sugarpova is a premium candy line that reflects the fun, fashionable, sweet side of international tennis sensation Maria Sharapova. Maria has created her own candy business to offer an accessible bit of luxury, interpreting classic candies in her own signature style. A long time candy lover with a surprising sweet tooth, Maria is bringing a new level of quality to the candy category through fun, unexpected types and shapes – with playful names to match. Wrapped up in a beautiful package, it’s both style and substance, just like founder Maria Sharapova.