It’s About Things Tennis Players Like

tenniscrowdTennis players have diverse and unique interests…it’s not all about tennis all the time. (Okay, for some maybe.) TennisCrowd.com is about things that tennis players like.

Who We Are

TennisCrowd is run out of the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, WA. Ballard is a sleepy little drinking village with a condo problem. It’s also close to Greenlake…the hub of the Seattle tennis community.

Diverse Interests

After and informal survey, TennisCrowd developed the graph below that illustrates how tennis is only part of a player’s free time. We also like movies, eating, travel, staying fit, and so much more. This is what TennisCrowd.com covers.

Fig. 1 - Graph of tennis players' free time

Fig. 1 - Graph of tennis players' free time