10 Reasons Why Running Sucks Even More Than You Already Think It Does

A friend of mine recently posted an article on facebook by HelloGiggles.com titled, “10 Reasons Running Doesn’t Suck As Much As You Think“. Upon reading it I immediately knew a counterpoint must be written. Read on. Only about half of these are rebuttals though due to the fact that several points were not about the benefits specific to jogging, but to exercising in general. And ANY type of exercise is better than none. No debate there.

Here are 10 reasons:

Yogis1. There aren’t THAT many hot people running.
The article states that runs are “full of hot bodies in very little clothing”. Pffffft. First, that shouldn’t be your motivation. Second, people are hotter elsewhere (i.e. yoga – hot bodies in sweaty rooms bending in crazy positions right in front of you). And third, even if they are hot they are likely to be running AWAY from you. Lastly, you runners in Minnesota, how many “hot” runners did you see running yesterday (January 26th)?

2. Running is not physically safe, part I.
Running is high-impact activity that is wearing down your joints and ligaments. You don’t get that cartilage back that you lose when you jog. Though if you don’t otherwise use your knees and ankles in your daily life this isn’t an issue.

3. Running is not physically safe, part II.
Not to mention physical safety! Depending WHERE you run you may encounter uneven terrain, speeding cars, killer lions/bears/etc, right-wing militia members, invisible fences, and/or cast members of Jersey Shore just to name a few.

Runners get attacked.

Every year thousands of joggers are attacked by supernatural wildlife.

4. Running is simply not very effective.
The article states, “You can lose weight by drinking nothing but hot water with lemon. Or you can run for an hour, treat yourself to a cookie and still fit into your skinny jeans.” BZZZZZ! Wrong answer! Running is aerobic, which is the lowest level of working out. Other workouts, like CrossFit for example, are anaerobic. This more intense exercise is where you’ll see muscle gain, fat loss, and better general overall fitness. Aerobic exercise is just like driving your car around to burn off its fuel. You’ll just need to re-fuel your body.

Homer Simpson jogging5. Other exercises are WAY more effective.
You can run for an hour and not burn as many calories as you would in ONE CrossFit WOD. Also, you’re missing out on building muscle strength which continues your workout even after you’ve stopped working out. In fact, if you’re trying to lose weight you’re body will just learn to store more fat to fuel your runs. But with workout programs that include weightlifting, you’re building muscle which will in turn improve your metabolism in addition to making you stronger. So each workout is even more effective than the next. Even Yoga will burn more calories plus keep your body more balanced and strengthened than running.

6. Running isn’t the only way to get cardiovascular exercise.
In fact, it’s not even that good at that. True, you’re heart rate is sustained at a higher level than when at rest. But no higher than with other sports. Additionally, it’s not a sustained heart rate that improves cardiovascular health. It does not prepare it for heart rate changes that happen rapidly, nor does it do the same for blood pressure the way cyclic exercise does. High intensity interval training allows for bursts of energy followed by a recovery period. This is a much better program for strengthening the heart muscle and needless to say, for weight loss as well.

7. Running is just plain boring.
Ok, granted, this one is highly objective. But going jogging is boring. You need to spend SOOOO much time running to get any benefit. Grooooaaaaan! Work me out hard for 15 minutes and give me the rest of the time to watch a movie, play tennis, go to dinner, read, takeover a small country, pry off my eyelids with a butter-knife, BASICALLY anything but run.

He's not tired. He just made it as far as he could before getting bored.

He's not tired. He just made it as far as he could before getting bored.

8. Using running as a stress reducer is wimpy.
The article reads, “When your boss, your melodramatic friend and your nagging to-do list won’t leave you alone, calmly put on your running shoes and head out the door.” That’s literally running away from your problems. You want stress reduction? Try beating up a punching bag or crushing a little fuzzy yellow ball cross-court. Bam! Now THAT is a satisfying stress-reducer.

Lululemon9. Lululemon clothing
Ok, good point. Lululemon makes awesome running clothing. The thing is, their clothing is also awesome for tennis, yoga, CrossFit, and more. Running does not have a monopoly here.

10. Most importantly – and fundamentally – running is probably not leading to how you actually want to look.
This is the real crux of the issue isn’t it? Yes, you exercise for health and other reasons, but you probably want to look better too. Everyone does. So now for the bad news for runners: running doesn’t make you look good. In fact, quite the opposite. Take the best-in-class athletes in other sports, which ones do you want to end up looking like? These are people who train specific for that sport and end up built for that activity. In the photos below, which one(s) are closest to the way you would like to look?

Different sport body types

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  • RunningCrossfitter

    Ever heard of running AND working out?  Why do you think Crossfit incorporates running?  It helps to have your cardio in order so that you can make through a WOD in an effective time.  

  • Profquicourt

    Boo. To each their own. Obviously you like cross fit…which is great, but it doesn’t do it for me. Yoga is good, but nothing feels as good to me as running, so as long as neither of us is sitting on our butts inhaling a carton of icecream…we both win.

  • manner

    Although there are benifits to crossfit the need to be able to make it through it helps if you run. Running is the basic thing that we as humans were born to do. I’m sorry to hear that it bored you that much but for those who cant keep concentrated. get a friend and talk while running its a great alternate way to keep yourself engaged and the run will fly by. 
    I’m going to prescribe a book for you – Born to Run by Christopher McDougall
    Read into that and then please give your opinion again 🙂

  • 30minutejogger

    I jog for 30 minutes all the time seems to me i’v been losing weight ever since. Running makes my days so much better i feel so energized and ready to do anything. And burning calories all depends on how long you run, how fast you run, your weight, height, age things like that. If i run for 30 minutes i end up burning up to 400 calories too me that’s satisfying. I gained a lot of body flab because i stopped jogging for a while. Then i jogged for a week and that flab melted off me pretty darn quick.

  • This guy

    It seems we all agree this artical is full of crap lol. I lost over 100 pounds in under 6 months only running! Now I am at 135 lost and starting to incorporate both weights and cardio. It should never be one or the other in the fitness world.

  • I will relent and admit there is room for running in healthy lifestyles. And for some odd people, it does seem like it is genuinely enjoyable. I still have yet to jog over to that point of view however. 🙂

  • Michelle

    Awesome!!great points

  • Dietz

    The way you use SOOOO and WAY EASIER shows a lack of professionalism. so take it from the pros; If you want more stamina endurance and tightness in your body, then run forrest, run.

  • g

    You know what I love about CrossFit. I can layer it right on top of my running routine. The running routine that I love, and require for my sanity.

  • boomboomboom

    running sucks, but advocating something even worse, like crossfit, lol at you man, here, dont run instead, just bang out 6 sets of 100 rep power cleans followed by 100 rep deadlfts, with no rest between sets or exercises… yeah much better right?
    running still sucks though, just not as much as crossfit and the idiots who think its of any use, and truth be told, i stopped reading after the 2nd time you mentioned crossfit since youre clearly an idiot

  • runningthin

    i was cross training for months and seeing little improvement…once i started running i lost 4 pants sizes in a matter of weeks. running is my secret weapon. this article is dumb.

    i would also like to point out that you say running will not help you lose weight, and yet you use the pictures of the two runners at the bottom to demonstrate that they are far thinner and less muscular than the rest. if someone was to incorporate strength training in with their running (which you should be doing anyway) they could easily attain more defined muscles while still staying small. everyone knows runners are thin. stop trying to make yourself feel better because you can’t run.

  • Aquaria

    Having a braindead person running alongside me and chattering about stupid, inane crap (it’s all ANY runner talks about–stupid things) would make me go postal.

    You’re assuming that everyone is as insecure and desperate for an audience as you.

    We’re not.

  • Aquaria

    I lost 4 dress sizes in 3 months without exercising, just by getting rid of sweets and bread in my diet. I did NOT exercise one stinking minute.

    My anecdote is better than yours, because I didn’t have to bore myself to death with running. And it IS boring.

  • Jamie Peay

    You’re obviously doing it wrong. Running six miles through extremely hilly terrain, with steep inclines and declines, will shred you. Not much you could do to better increase your stamina and core strength. Hard on your joints? Maybe, but if you have good form and wear the right equipment, you can lessen the impact. Not to mention supplements like glucosamine help in that department as well. Just look at some of the ultramarathon runners like David Goggins and Dean Karnazes. Talk about being an Ironman. And yeah it can be very dangerous, dodging cars and leaping curbs and potholes and the occasional fence … but that is part of the excitement! And as far as training for Mixed Martial arts or self defense, running is essential for building endurance and increasing your rhythm and balance. You just have to get out there and push yourself. Not by going faster but by going harder. The better you get, the faster you will get naturally. Once you break the barrier, and begin feeling the benefits, running becomes very enjoyable, even more when you end up coupled over trying to catch your breath while gagging and wiping the pools of sweat from your eyes. You just have to push yourself … and then there is that runners high … nothing else quite like it.

  • That guy

    I totally agree. Running is incredibly boring and just blows. I’d much rather be playing a sport that takes some actual skill (running takes very little to none; if you have balance better than a 2 year old, you can run).
    One poster said humans were born to run. This is true. But I’d we were born to run in order to kill, or avoid being killed. It’s not like 100,000 years ago ancient humans got up and went for a jog ‘to get some exercise.’ We need mental stimulation.
    If exercise is like eating, than running is like eating stale slices of plain wheat bread. Yes, you are fed, but you didn’t really enjoy it. And you are not particularly excited for your next meal, which happens to be more of the same stale plain wheat bread.

    Whereas basketball, backcountry skiing, tennis, idk taekwondo are enjoyable meals. They are a delicious chinese buffet. Or a bustling outdoor food market in some far-off place. In other words, interesting. Running is definitely the blandest form of exercise.
    Some people profess to ‘love running’ and say they get a ‘runner’s high.’ Look at the picture of pro runners above. Now remember back to golum/smeagol from the lord of the rings. Runners are emaciated junkies chasing the precious. They do not realize that in modern times, there is no ring of power, just their pipe dreams of attaining that ‘runner’s high’ and getting in a little better shape. Little do they realize recreational running/jogging is a relatively new fad, and they have brainwashed to believe that it is an enjoyable activity, that it is a meaningful pursuit.

    I rest my case

  • Okay

    Or you could eat sweets and bread and run and still lose 4 dress sizes…..which is more fun? Having less? Or doing it all?

    By the way, you seem slightly sensitive based on your replies to people on here. Cheer up! Running is great for a person’s mood and can help lift people like you out of their depression and moodiness. Many friends have found it helps their PMS so it may help you with that also….good luck and be sure to check in later and report how it works out for you.

  • JustAGuy

    What do you think about cycling? I’ve ben cycling for 15 years. I have no upper body strength. Buggered my knees. I’ve had some minor nerve damage from it in my hands. I’ve been involved in several accidents which have left me in hospital. You think running is bad for the body, try cycling!

  • francine

    No, WALKING is the basic thing we as humans were born to do! Nature gave us running for emergencies only – fight or flight. Running is not supposed to be usefld as an everyday exercise. However walking is.

  • liftislife

    running is the devil

  • liftislife

    runni8ng iz dump

  • liftislife

    i agree that you are full of crap losing weight is attained only through diet and lifting…running is bad and it makes kittens blind

  • liftislife

    you require running to feed youre addiction you know it and i know it your a runner a dirty dirty runner to lift is to know the true meaning of life and love

  • lift is life

    runners look like they have aids and they probably do tthe main cause of hiv is running #liftordie

  • liftis life

    cycling is runnings retarded gay cousin

  • BangkokSlim

    Look at a runners body and then look a sprinters body….nuff said !

  • Bruh

    Somewhat late on this, but here’s my quick #HotTake.

    Why the vendetta against running? Some of us are good at running and compete at the collegiate level. This population is generally glossed over because most people consider going for a run “exercise” rather than training. And come on, with that collage at the end, did you just google “skinny runners”? Google Nick Symmonds.

  • Bruh

    Probably the stupidest take here. Did you get cut from your high school track team? That would be an accomplishment honestly.

  • Bruh

    Hahahahahah this is oddly thought out.

    Running is not boring, unless you refuse to run over 3 miles and end up doing laps around your neighborhood. There’s nothing boring about exploring a million acre state gameland on a 16 mile run.

    No one claims running takes skill (set aside the skill and practice it takes to run with proper form to not get injured and run faster), but it takes a lot of genetics and training to run a four minute mile for example. Much more impressive than fiddling with balls and sticks.

    It doesn’t matter what fad you see in middle age America, running is very popular at the high school, collegiate level and beyond and gets more competitive every year in terms of new records being set. Not all running is a middle aged man struggling to run (only) 26.2 miles.

    I think something you have to get over is some people are genuinely good at running and passionate about it, and that’s not going to change. You seem to have something personal with this subject, like your ex-wife was an avid runner or something.

  • Bruh

    What’s with you hate of running? If you hate it so much, don’t do it. Some of us are good at it. We win money for it. The opposite sex is attracted to us because of our athleticism. Nothing to hate, really haha.

  • Will Elyas

    Love your article! The World needs to stop this running fanatism!!

  • mikw

    those people in the pictures all run…..its just the people that only run who look like the top two

  • Jason

    So running is unsafe and the clothes are stupid but crossfit isn’t lol?

  • Roberto Arkenburg

    Cross fit is the dumbest thing ever. It is terrible for your joints, yet this guy says that running is so hard on your knees

  • Roberto Arkenburg

    He used a boxer as an example and it’s well known that boxers run as part of their training regimen. I’m pretty sure this article is a parody.

  • Mert Dokur

    Your idea of excitement is leaping curbs and dodging potholes? WOW, do you also watch the tumbledryer for it’s narrative qualities?

    As for running for MMA and boxing that’s really old-school to run many miles. Nowadays they just make you run intervals that are as long as the rounds you will fight in. (ie. 3-5 min. followed by 30-60 sec low intensity periods) repeat for about 4-5 times. Still boring as hell but not as much as running a half marathon in the morning.

  • fuck you, running is good

    Some pecemistic fat hoe probably wrote this

  • kim

    What a mean person you are.

  • While I agree that running is just stupid in urban areas, I think that running on uneven terrain like sand or plain dirt is quite refreshing and healthy.

  • Lola

    track is some bull shit