Destination Tennis: Seattle (Hosted by Mayleen Ramey)

Seven reasons why Mayleen Ramey needs to feature Seattle on Destination Tennis. (As if there weren’t enough already!)

Mayleen RameyReason #1: Tennis Players are Intense Here
To be a tennis player in Seattle is a bit like being a downhill skier in New Orleans. With rain 9 months of the year most tennis is played indoors. And that means limited availability, lots of driving between clubs, and planning. USTA league players will wake up at 7 am a week ahead to book court times for their teams.

Reason #2: Close-Knit Tennis Community
Perhaps because of #1 there’s a strong community here of tennis players. Despite the large population, it seems like “everyone knows everyone” in the tennis circles. Naturally this leads to plenty of drama among the USTA league teams, but that’s all born out of passion for the sport and competition. Then the popular Greenlake area has 10 outdoor courts where hordes of players play at all hours of the day. It’s a hard core bunch that will play in the coldest winter days “as long as it’s not raining”.

Reason #3: One of the Nation’s Top Public Indoor Court Facilities
Amy Yee Tennis CenterAmy Yee Tennis Center is the largest public tennis facility in Washington State with 10 indoor courts and several outdoor courts. Thousands of players play here and they host around 25 organized USTA league teams. On weekends, there can be up to 30 USTA league matches played here. They also offer a wide array of programs, including junior and adult group lessons, tiny tot programs, junior and adult camps, and adult play – classes and flights for all levels.

Reason #4: Hugely Successful USTA League Teams
In order to be a tennis player in Seattle you have to be dedicated. And this dedication leads to many winning teams. Visit court 5 at Amy Yee Tennis Center to see all the banners hung by the abundance of USTA league teams that have won titles at Sectionals and Nationals from this club alone.

Reason #5: Elite Tennis Training Facilities
In addition to all the indoor facilities, there’s one “boutique” club that offers the highest level of instruction in the Pacific Northwest. Former pros with wins at the highest levels of ATP and University events provide top-level instruction for adults and juniors at AV Performance Tennis Club in Bellevue, WA. There’s even special programs for people and teams visiting from out of state.

Destination Tennis: SeattleReason #6: Tennis Tech Hub
With the Seattle area being home of Microsoft and it’s no surprise there’s a lot of tech talent. These talented players have made several tennis website startups and blogs. (For example, yours truly, TennisCrowd.) Then another is that matches up players and courts all online. Those are just the tip of the iceberg.

Reason #7: It’s Seattle
Seattle is hardly a tough sell as a vacation destination. With the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains, water, forests, and islands, and the buzz of a modern city, it is an ideal spot to work and play. And it is SUCH a food town too. So many inventive places to eat are opening all the time. Just hit Pike Place Market, check out the view from Kerry Park, then go eat and party on Capitol Hill and the episode makes itself.

Seattle by Night