Andy Murray’s Radical Messenger

Who’s Andy?! That’s what my office mates were asking me this morning. I just checked out Andy Murray’s Head YouTek Radical Pro racquet at his new website, the Radical Messenger. Personally, I use the YouTek Speed but it was still cool to see Andy talk about his racquet in the video. Super nice paint job on that stick I think.

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Federer Air Racquet Guitar Hero

Roger Federer can shred it! I don’t know how I missed this one. It’s Federer playing Guitar Hero (not really) with his tennis racquet. This is another video featuring Rhys Darby (AKA Murray Hewitt of Flight of the Conchords fame). I think he should come over and play some Rock Band with me.

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Roger Federer Ball Machine Battle Video

If you’re like me, you like tennis, the TV show Flight of the Conchords, Roger Federer and Nike. This commercial combines elements of them all. Federer is forced to fend off quite the attack. Luckily, he’s been trained for just such an occasion.

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